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the date printed in English

ASIA stationery products are suitable for a variety of photosensitive seals at home and abroad, with excellent technological innovation, and have passed the general standard SGS testing certification. Gode printing oil is a domestic independent high-tech brand, according to the Ministry of public security standard GA241.9-2000 design and manufacture.

Product introduction

English Date Seal

No. NO. 235

Word height: 4.5mm

Length: 40mm

Word: 28 SEP 2008


The date printed in English

Item: NO.235

Word high: 4.5mm

Length: 40mm

Words: 28 SEP 2008

In packaging: 10 pcs / bag

Large Quantity: 250/piece

Large Net Weight: 9.5kg

Large Shipping Weight: 10.5kg

Large Package Dimension: 470 * 275 * 245mm (L * W * H)


Product Features:

Compact appearance, widely applicable. Bright surface rust metal frame; quality natural oil and rubber belts, adhesive-free interface, flexible and durable, not easily broken. Oil rose after the font is not large, imprinted clear standards. The flexibility of a wide range for different types of Union Ts.


Number of packages: 10/package

Large Packing Quantity: 250 pieces/piece

Net weight of large package: 9.5kg

Gross Weight of Large Packaging: 10.5kg

Large package size: 470 * 275 * 245mm (length * width * height)


Product characteristics:

Small and beautiful, widely used. The surface of metal frame is bright and not easy to rust; high-quality natural oil-resistant rubber belt, non-adhesive interface, flexible and durable, not easy to break. After oil immersion, the font does not swell, the impression is clear and standard. Flexible and convenient to use, a wide range of types, suitable for different types of units.

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