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Deluxe two-color stamp pad transparent Yuxi

ASIA stationery products are suitable for a variety of photosensitive seals at home and abroad, with excellent technological innovation, and have passed the general standard SGS testing certification. Gode printing oil is a domestic independent high-tech brand, according to the Ministry of public security standard GA241.9-2000 design and manufacture.

Product introduction

Item NO: NO. 9865

Specification: 55 mm x 68 mm (inner), 135 mm * 85 mm (outside diameter)

Color: red, blue, and black

Packing: in the number 10 / bag

Large number of packages: 100 / a


Product features:

This product with resin ABS do shell, high density sponge do a core, join polymer atoms, make the products of ink hit, wear-resisting, a core not dilapidation easily, not depression, and once again the note oil penetration quickly; Mark bright colours, namely that do not seal, diffusion, don't fade in color, imprinting long preseved period. Seal face not corrosion, deformation, and always keep it clean, chapter surface effect is good. A core surface drying, please join "yaxin" brand ink atoms. Use quality goods atoms, can make the ink sets never jam, and long-term use core.


Note: this product may not join other types of ink. When not in use please cover the lid, keep a core clean.

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