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120g inkpad


ASIA stationery products are suitable for a variety of photosensitive seals at home and abroad, with excellent technological innovation, and have passed the general standard SGS testing certification. Gode printing oil is a domestic independent high-tech brand, according to the Ministry of public security standard GA241.9-2000 design and manufacture.

Product introduction

120g inkpad

Item: NO.054

Size: 90 * 19mm (diameter * thickness)

In packaging: 10 pcs / box

Large Quantity: 200 / piece

Large Net Weight: 25kg

Large Shipping Weight: 27kg

Large Package Dimension: 490 * 390 * 250mm (L * W * H)


Product Features:

Traditional crafts plus modern technology to create first-class quality, the product fine, flexible, bright color, good color. Seepage run less clear imprinting, prison is not easy to fade the color, inexpensive.


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