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25ml atomic ink


ASIA stationery products are suitable for a variety of photosensitive seals at home and abroad, with excellent technological innovation, and have passed the general standard SGS testing certification. Gode printing oil is a domestic independent high-tech brand, according to the Ministry of public security standard GA241.9-2000 design and manufacture.

Product introduction

Item NO: NO. 006 (red) / NO. 007 (LAN)

Capacity: 25 ml

The quantity: 20 bottles/box

Large number of packages: 720 bottles/a

Big packing shape size: 462 * 264 * 585 mm (long *wide * high)


Product features:

This product is the organic polymer synthesis has very good permeability, and stability and quick dry; Not easy settlement, the colors are bright and color density high mark long preseved period, the seal clear even, do not spread, spread small paper.


Suitable for:

Applicable to various domestic and international penetrative atom seals, all kinds of oily stamp-pad stamp-pad.


Method of use:

(1) penetrative seal: seal the cart before the horse opened the lid to seal surface chapter, even add 4-5 drops, wait for after into ink can be used.

(2) stamp-pad stamp-pad ink: smooth evenly apply in Taiwan on, wait for core stamp-pad stamp-pad completely infiltration can be used after.



(1) before use, such as shaking evenly must have agglomerate, precipitation phenomenon, should stop to use.

(2) do not and water-based stamp-pad stamp-pad ink used, and other used, it is suggested that do a test.

(3) to join seal or, a stamp-pad stamp-pad may not join too much.

(4) may not join photosensitive seal.


Can provide color: red, blue, and black, purple, green, pink, white, yellow color, and but according to need to make to order other colors.

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